Volunteers share a common pride for their town and community. Do you have a love for gardening? Are you an avid painter? An inspirational speaker? Or do you love to plan parties? Share your abilities and passions making our community shine! Become a volunteer!

Committees offering volunteer opportunities:


Jackie DiCarlo, Chairperson

The Design Committee works to enhance the physical appearance of the commercial district by rehabilitating historic buildings, encouraging supportive new construction, developing sensitive design management systems, and long-term planning.

Historically, downtown was a physically engaging place. Buildings and signs communicated style and detail. Sidewalks, lighting and public spaces created a comfortable, attractive streetscape. Downtown emphasized pedestrian activity but accommodated vehicular traffic. Over the past 30 years, however, downtown’s physical environment has deteriorated. As its character has diminished, downtown has become less inviting, and therefore, less competetive. Design is about restoring downtown’s character and identity as the foundation for restoring downtown’s commercial competitiveness, because these physical qualities are what differentiate downtown from all other commercial districts. Ultimately, downtown’s marketability depends on its unique “sense of place.” Design is about creating a physical value for downtown.

The Design Committee’s job is to educate ourselves and others about “What is a good design and why is it important?”, provide good design advice, plan downtown’s future development by building growth and reshaping regulations, and motivate others to make changes by creating incentives, providing tools and targeting key projects.

Past Projects: Wayfinding/Parking signage, Washington and Mill Street Murals, Pine Street, Cross Creek and Fountain plantings, Design Audit 2002, Windows for Art Vacant Storefront Enhancement Program, Seasonal Decorating, Visual Merchandising Workshops, and Restoration of Historic Building Markers

Current Projects: Mount Holly Mural Taskforce, Windows for Art, Design Guidelines for Downtown (ongoing), Architectural Survey (ongoing)

Committee Meets every third Monday, 7pm at Home Fine Art Gallery, 2 Church Street.

Economic Restructuring

Vince D’Amico, Chairperson

The ER Committee works to strengthen the district’s existing economic base while finding ways to expand it to meet new opportunities, and challenges from outlying development.

Downtown’s competitiveness has diminished over the past 30 years – a decline precipitated by the “cycle of disinvestments”. As downtown has become less competitive, business activity has slowed. Many businesses have closed or moved, creating vacancies. Rents have decreased and property owners have invested less in upkeep. In this downward spiral, diminishing business activity and decreasing property values have fed on each other until downtown’s economy has stagnated.

Economic restructuring is about restoring downtown’s economy has stagnated. Initally, this process focuses on assisting existing businesses-helping them improve management, marketing, and customer services. In the long run, “restructuring” downtown’s economy, means reconfiguring the mix of goods and services so that downtown is economically balanced, adaptable and competitive. At the same time, ER focuses on working with property owners to reinvest in their buildings to enhance the marketability (and value) or downtown real estate. The ER Committee raises the economic value of downtown.

The Economic Restructuring Committee’s job is to learn about the district’s current economic condition and indentify opportunities for market growth, strengthen existing businesses and recruiting new ones, find new or more appropriate economic uses for under-performing or vacant buildings and vacant lots, and develop financial incentives and capital for building rehabilitation and business development.

Past Projects: Small Business Training and Consultation (Restaurant Consultation for MSMH restaurants), Demographic and Market Analysis, Customer Surveys, Business Recruitment and Retention Initiatives, Maintenance of the available properties database and webpage, Grand Opening Celebrations for new businesses, Realtor and Property Owners Roundtable Series, Technical Assistance for small business owners, Promotion of Mount Holly’s niche markets (“Hungry?” restaurant guide)

Current Projects: Multi-media business marketing program, Updating available properties list, Property Owners’ Roundtable

Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:30 am at the Robin’s Nest Restaurant, 2nd Floor. Please use the rear handicap entrance and take the stairs to the 2nd Floor.


Open, Chairperson

The Promotions Committee works to market the traditional commercial district’s assets to customers, potential investors, new businesses, local citizens and visitors.

In its heyday, downtown served a clearly defined local market, thus downtown promotional activities were relatively simple- the occassional sale, ads in the local paper, etc. For the most part, individual businesses “marketed” themselves. However, the retail marketplace has changed dramatically. Consumers are now offered increasing choice-not only in what to buy but also how to buy it. The volume of commercial “noise” has increased to the point at which the average consumer is subjected to thousands of advertising messages per day.

This dynamic environment has rendered traditional promotional practices obsolete. Businesses can no longer afford to promote themselves individually. In order to stay competitive, downtown must collectively rethink how it defines, attracts, and keeps its customers. This process, called Promotion, focuses on developing and implementing a clearly articulated strategy for marketing downtown in much the same fashion as major retailers or shopping malls market themselves. The Promotions Committee’s job is to raise the social value for downtown.

The Promotions Committee’s job is to understand the changing market (current and potential shoppers and your competition), identify downtown assets including people, buildings, heritage and institutions, define the market niche (your unique position in the marketplace, and to create new image campaigns, retail promotions, and special events to lure people downtown.

Past Projects: Cooperative Marketing Brochures (partnership with Mill Race Village Arts and Preservation, Mt Holly Historical Society, and Greater Mount Holly Business and Professional Association; First Thursdays Downtown Music and Art nights; Weekly Press Release Program; and events:) First Night Burlington County, Fire & Ice Festival, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Fantasy Tea and Art Faire, Mount Holly Car Show and Cruise, Hidden Gardens of Mount Holly Garden Tour, Mount Holly/Smithville Grand Prix and Music Festival, Hot Summer Saturday’s Music Festival, Witches and Wizards Costume Ball, Friday the 13th Haunted Holly Ghost Tours, Battle of Iron Works Hill Historic Reinactment.

Current Projects: Same as above with the following additions: Writing submissions for BCT “Your Hometown” newspaper insert about Mount Holly, and writing submissions following the editorial calendars of SJ Magazine, and South Jersey Magazine and Philadelphia Magazine to promote a positive image of Mount Holly.

Meets the last Thursday of the month at 7 pm at 210 Broad Street

Organization (PRIME)

Regan Young, Chairperson

The PRIME Committee works to increase Public Relations, Investment, Membership, and Education, Building concensus and cooperation among the many groups and individuals who have a role in the revitalization process.

In most communities, “downtown revitalization” has been undertaken not as a cohesive endeavor but as a series of singlar, unrelated projects, i.e. have been limited in scope and duration because, in and of itself, and one project (or any one group) can’t address the full range of issues associated with downtown revitalization.

To be affective, downtown revitalization cannot be a haphazard undertaking or set of disparate projects. It requires collaboration, focus, and continuity. PRIME is about bringing these qualities to a community’s downtown revitalization efforts by integrating diverse interests in the community and focusing them on a shared, long-term agenda for restoring downtown’s physical beauty and economic viability. The organization committee raises the political value for downtown.

The PRIME Committee’s job is to promote the downtown revitalization organization, educate stakeholders on the Four Point Approach to downtown revitalization, and volunteer and partnership development.

Past Projects: “The Big Berry” Quarterly Newsletter, MAINSTREETMOUNTHOLLY.COM Website, “Muffins on Main Street” Saturday morning talks on Historic Preservation and Revitalization topics for volunteers, business owners, and residents, Annual Town Meeting, Membership Campaign, Community Directory, Mount Holly Euro Sticker downtown image promotion, 2006 Hidden Gardens of Mount Holly Tour fundraiser, raffle and info booth at all MSMH events, facilitate Board Retreat.

Current Projects: “The Big Berry Quarterly Newsletter, MAINSTREETMOUNTHOLLY.COM Website, Volunteer Education Events, Annual Town Meeting, Membership Campaign, Community Directory, Mount Holly Euro Sticker downtown image promotion, Hidden Gardens of Mount Holly Garden Tour fundraiser, Garden Party Fundraising Dinner, raffle and info booth at all MSMH events (to include development of additional crative fundraising opportunities such as “duck race” games of chance), facilitate annual Board Retreat.