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Fire & Ice Festival Ice Carving Winners

Here are the winners from the 2015 Fire & Ice Festival, Ice Carving contest:


  • 1st Place - Rich Daly, "Nature's Venom"

  • 2nd Place - Kevin Gregory, "My Old Firebird"

  • 3rd Place - Rob LoFurno, "The Balancing Act"

  • 4th Place - Andre LoFurno, "Fierce"

  • 5th Place - Eric Cantine, "Kitty"


  • 1st Place - Eric LoFurno, "Fire & Ice"

  • 2nd Place - Todd Dedmon, "Nature's Reject"

  • 3rd Place - Monica LoFurno, Welcome Home"

Chilli Contest Winner

  • Russo's Pub & Italian Restaurant

See the winners and pictures --> Click Here

Congrats to all!!! See you next year.

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