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Main Street Mount Holly is an organization made up of  people who live and work in and around Mount Holly.  The MSMH mission is to help our downtown become a thriving place for residents and visitors.  To return to the type of place full of the stores, activities, and places needed to promote a superb lifestyle in this historic town - things like unique and interesting shops, dynamic and useful service businesses, a variety of restaurants and eateries, and merchants that improve our downtown, therefore stabilizing the town as a whole. 


Are you interested in building a better, friendlier Mount Holly? Whether you have a little time or a lot, we need your help!


Maybe you would just like to be on call in case your special skills could be utilized once in a while?  Perhaps you have more time to help out and could become directly involved with a project?  If you are looking for something to occupy your spare time, think of joining one if the several committees and workgroups.  MSMH is a volunteer effort - based on the energy and skills of our community.


Volunteer projects include:  Sprucing up downtown landscaping and weeding, working with downtown merchants about maintaining a positive image for their businesses, creating pedestrian and vehicular signs for folks to find their way around the downtown, creating and writing for newsletters and promotional materials, updating Main Street’s information on the web, fundraising and grant writing, design/architectural work for downtown renovations, recruiting and retaining volunteers, and assisting during downtown special events such as the Witches Ball, First Night, Fire & Ice Festival and more.  Finally, MSMH volunteers build their community by promoting Mount Holly as a great place to visit and live. Find out what's going on by being a part of it!


You can help build your community by filling out the information on this form.  This is confidential and will only be used so we can suggest ways for you to get involved based on your skills, training, and schedule, as well as the needs of MSMH. 


Please fill out this online form or print and fill out the form and return it to the Main Street volunteer who gave it to you, or by sending it through the mail.  We are very interested in hearing from you!! 





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